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Thursday, March 13, 2003
(unorganized) Notes #2

-get your sad on is David Rees' tribute to the late Mister Rogers. My mom has told me that Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was my favorite show for a few years before I turned five. I, however, have no memory of ever watching it. Don't worry about Rees going soft. He has already returned to the traditional format of the best comic strip now published on anything approaching on a regular basis. The first one of the new batch is one his best.

-Speaking of comic strips, check out Harvey Pekar's take on Sundance, with images by Gary Dumm.

-I want to thank Barbara Flaska for throwing a link my way.

-This post by Saragon made me smile. Click here and here for a discussion about U.S. policy towards Iraq between Saragon and me.

-If you are interested at all interested in the late Bill Hicks, check out this collection of MP3s.

-Why do all the cool things happen to other people? Douglas Anders got to see a sign reading "God Bless the USA & NASCAR."

-Am I the only one who finds the suggestion that Paul Harvey was a blogger before there were blogs more than a bit amusing and something less than a compliment?

-I can and will dream of life without spam.

-A nice quiz has told me:

How evil are you?
What can I say?

- Can people now stop calling hawk Hillary Clinton a leftist?

-Proof that Seymour Hersh just might be the greatest journalist alive

"Sy Hersh is the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist," Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Perle said during Sunday's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. Perle was asked by Blitzer to respond to "Lunch with the Chairman," a New Yorker article by Hersh that takes a critical look at Perle.

Here is the full exchange from the transcript:

BLITZER: There's an article in the New Yorker magazine by Seymour Hersh that's just coming out today in which he makes a serious accusation against you that you have a conflict of interest in this because you're involved in some business that deals with homeland security, you potentially could make some money if, in fact, there is this kind of climate that he accuses you of proposing.

Let me read a quote from the New Yorker article, the March 17th issue, just out now. "There is no question that Perle believes that removing Saddam from power is the right thing to do. At the same time, he has set up a company that may gain from a war."

PERLE: I don't believe that a company would gain from a war. On the contrary, I believe that the successful removal of Saddam Hussein, and I've said this over and over again, will diminish the threat of terrorism. And what he's talking about is investments in homeland defense, which I think are vital and are necessary.

Look, Sy Hersh is the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist, frankly.

BLITZER: Well, on the basis of -- why do you say that? A terrorist?

PERLE: Because he's widely irresponsible. If you read the article, it's first of all, impossible to find any consistent theme in it. But the suggestion that my views are somehow related for the potential for investments in homeland defense is complete nonsense.

BLITZER: But I don't understand. Why do you accuse him of being a terrorist?

PERLE: Because he sets out to do damage and he will do it by whatever innuendo, whatever distortion he can -- look, he hasn't written a serious piece since Maylie (ph).

(Thanks to Matt Welch for finding the link.) From this post by Phil Freeman, I see that Perle plans to sue Hersh over the article in question.

-John Hawkins appears to have a better grip on what Team Bush is doing than most:

Can we convince Saddam Hussein to stop supporting terrorism through diplomatic methods? Since the answer to that question is obviously "no," we need to remove Saddam via military force.

Everything else, his cruelty to his people, the threat Iraq presents to the region, his violation of UN Resolutions, hopes that Democracy will spread throughout the region, being able to move our troops out of Saudi Arabia, etc, are secondary considerations to the fact that he supports terrorist groups and will continue to do so unless we stop him.

If this is really why we're going in, why are we talking about the WMD & the breaking of UN resolutions so much and why aren't we hitting Iran first, since they're an even bigger sponsor of terrorism than Iraq? Simple, because we can get a lot more worldwide support for invading Iraq than we can for hitting anywhere else. If that means we have to emphasize Hussein's defiance of the UN to get more nations on board, so be it. You don't catch flies with vinegar. Furthermore, once we're in Iraq, we'll have access to Iran and we won't need to go begging and bribing other nations in the region to get a place to launch our troops from -- if we can't help the people of Iran rise up in revolution first.

-For some strange reason I get the feeling that I wouldn't want to be a member of Patriots for the Defense of America.

-Maybe I should stop giving blood.

-Rep. James P. Moran is a racist idiot asshole however you look at it. His brand of anti-Semitism is most likely not shared by anywhere near a majority of opponents of Bush's "war on terror" but it is a current of thought that can be found in places like libertyforum.org. All that said, I don't think he should step down for his comments. True I don’t like the idea of him holding an elected office, but that is par for the course for those in such positions.

-this Fred Thompson commercial in support of escalating the war with Iraq is funny because it appears that Thompson and those around him are unaware of any terrorism by al Qaeda against U.S. targets prior to September 11, 2001. That, or Thompson and those around him are idiots and/or don't feel that nobody who wasn't one of the hijackers is any way responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

If a celeb advocating the U.N. be in charge of preventing Iraq from having WMD were to have made this claim hawks of all stripes would be all over him or her. But I guess facts aren't so important when you are on the "right side."

- Curtiss Leung's "The New War Profiteers" is worth a read, and not just if you are trying to figure out how Darryl Worley should pay for his crime against intelligence

-I love the American Anti-Colonial and Democratic Spirit!

The U.S. should encourage democracy and economic development in former French colonies in Africa to "punish the French," according to Nick Denton.

Yesterday Glenn Reynolds called Denton's post "Brilliant," which is interesting because on Friday instapundit said he thought the U.S. should have been more supportive of French colonialism towards the Middle East in the 1950s.